Monday, April 20, 2009

And So It Begins

Aloha kids! Just a quick update to let you know I'll be scarce for awhile. We just got the word that we're moving to the other island during the first week of May and all the advertising, rental forms, ordering office furniture and supplies, packing and moving has to be done within the next three weeks. Then all hell will break loose as we start taking rental applications. I think Ron and I will be sleeping on the floor for awhile as we don't have a stick of furniture.

It's a little overwhelming to be handling this 25 million dollar project all of a sudden. We've been twiddling our thumbs since December and all of a sudden things are progressing in a short time frame. It's very exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Ron and I are just glad to be moving forward. I will check in on occasion (until my internet is canceled).

Aloha Nui and much love, Jen

P.S. ~ The photo is one I took last week during our Sunday walk down Waikiki to go to breakfast. Diamond Head in the background. The Hilton's lagoon beach (next door) is in the foreground.

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Guacamole C'est si Bon said...

Heya mom,
I am truly blessed.All the people I dearly loved on Yahoo 360 are here with me again on blogger too. I don't feel lonely on here anymore.Many hugs and much love,
Yet again,
Your very own guacie

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