Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stingrays, Weddings and Avian Flu

In central Thailand an enormous freshwater stingray was captured, tagged and released during a National Geographic expedition.

This is a big ass ray!!! 


We just found out that our son and his fiance’ (Kris and Christine) have decided to fly out to Hawaii to get married. How cool is that? 

I barely blundered through my own wedding and, undoubtedly, owe apologies to the entire Catholic Church, the whole town of South River and a multitude of other people.  I wonder if the kids know who they’re trusting...


Avian Flu News

The story below has some interesting and upsetting aspects to it. Apparently, an American company sent out the live Avian/Human Flu Virus to 18 regions in Europe. The fact that both the bird AND human strains were combined leaves people worried that, either it was intentional...OR if it was accidental, all the protocols that the CDC use to protect us are horribly ineffective.


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