Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our Own Revolution

Last night, the police hauled away a guy from our marina. They arrived in full SWAT force and dozens of police officers. This fellow, Mark, called Ron an hour or so before the police came. Whenever Mark’s in an agitated state, he calls here. Ron talked to him for about a half hour but, apparently, didn’t calm Mark’s anger. Believe me, both Ron and I appreciate many of the perspectives that Mark is so passionate about.

He served his country, which resulted in a lifetime of physical pain due to his injuries. He attends every meeting that concerns this marina, is an active participant in local government and can quote the Constitution at the drop of a hat. He’s an angry man. He’s mad at our Federal and the State governments for a multitude of reasons…many of which might ring a bell in each of us…

Now, I’ll admit that Mark is rather irritating. He’s combative, cranky as hell and does not listen or play well with others. And…sometimes, I’m just not up to his anger. He lays it on me like an oppressive, invisible blanket ~ smothering me until I just have to walk away. But, deep in heart of hearts, Mark’s mostly right about things. His pain and his anger are just the outward appearance of a frustrated soul ~ the message is still righteous no matter how badly promoted it is.

But last night, Mark broke that frail piece of thread that held him together. Something happened. They pulled him off of his sailboat and took him away.

I’m writing about this because I know how frustrated EVERYONE is. Your message is righteous. You are right! The system is failing – crumbling. I don’t think there is much we can do about it or it would have happened. I know we express our thoughts in the written word and, somehow, it’s a release for most of us. I’ve learned to let Ron yell at the television and radio. It’s his way of venting. Better he argue with a talking head on teevee or an idiot on the radio then let it boil up like Mark did.

My own revolution is just beginning to to take shape. However vague it is, I sense that it’s not what we’ve been previously doing…it would have worked by now.

Maybe we should let the old ways crumble. The anger and frustration we all feel is righteous and it’s what fueled previous generations to become pioneers…to set out to create their own futures and leave the old ways behind.

We’ve spent our energies throwing blame at the “bad guys” – delivering that invisible blanket of anger to anyone who’d listen or read or comment. What does it accomplish? The previous systems of economics, science, politics and lifestyles deserve to fall under their own weight of selfishness, corruption and greed. Let them go. Don’t feel sad.

Perhaps the way to “ultimate non-violent revolution against a corrupt system” is to not depend ON that system. Somehow, as a country, we need to rise out of the ashes with hopes for the future. Sharing ideas on how to do it is important, I think. Let’s decide to be those pioneers once again and use the initiative and open-mindedness that Americans are so well known for.

The rhetoric is beginning to emerge about revolution. I worry about those who instigate these ideas while all the while working for the bad guys who have various agendas. Yes, we are a far cry from the Constitution that our forefathers created…but don’t let the emotional fervor get you hauled away in a police car. Learn to fight the battles we can win…quietly and peacefully by making certain institutions and bureaucracies irrelevant in our daily lives.

Turn off the teevee for one! Start sharing ideas at a grassroots level to create community gardens, barter systems and networks to help one another. Form networks of like-minded individuals. If the economic system falters and brings us into the 1860 financial level that economists have warned about, let’s be innovators and leaders in our community. If we are lucky to pull out of our economic chaos, none of us will be made less for it. It will have only made us better individuals. What say you?

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