Friday, July 25, 2008

43 Illegal Mexicans Arrested on Oahu!!!

Lately, I've noticed television commercials condemning illegal Mexican workers in Hawaii! Aside from the "wetback" remark from Council member Tam, I didn't think anyone had noticed their presence, actually. Councilmember Tam is considered to be eccentric at best and his "wetback" remark was greeted with horrified silence but it started a thought process that brought together scattered observations I've had bouncing around my brain. Yes, the blonde thinks!

For example:

Ron and I were in Sears recently and I commented that it was odd that Spanish was the secondary language on all of their signs. Why, when most of our residents are Asian, Caucasian or Hawaiian? Wouldn't it seem plausible that the Hawaiian language be the second language? or even the first?...or even Japanese? Ron remarked that it was the same in Home Depot west of us. He said there was a large community of Mexicans living there.


These thoughts were filed somewhere in the back of my mind and I forgot about them until this morning when I read that - 43 Illegal Mexicans were arrested here on Oahu!!

Hawaii is located farther from any land mass in the world. It is a melting pot of more nationalities than I've ever experienced before. A tall, blonde, blue-eyed woman has a tendency to notice that she belongs to a small minority in this wonderful mix of cultures. On my walks to the post office, bank and store, I've noticed more and more Spanish speaking people. On one block, the happy sounds of Mexican music blares from an apartment. Once again, the thought was logged but not evaluated. I've worked with Mexican nationals before in Colorado and enjoyed the experience. But in the middle of the Pacific? Wow!

Now, I could go into why our government has been so against closing our borders and why amnesty has been the rallying cry. It could have something to do with our precious politicians spending all of our Social Security money that we've been forced to pay. The coffers are empty and to cover their asses they need to legalize and be able to tax all these new workers so us baby boomers can get our money back out of the system...but I won't...cough, cough.
Fact is, they're even here in Hawaii. So now what?

43 Busted In Illegal Immigration Raid On Oahu

Feds: Men Citizens Of Mexico
POSTED: 7:29 pm HST July 21, 2008
UPDATED: 7:47 pm HST July 21, 2008
HONOLULU -- Federal officials said they netted 43 illegal aliens in an immigration raid on O`ahu.
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